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Adopt orphan animal and bring little celeb into your home

It's often said that owners and their pets grow to look alike. But at the Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Co Down it is more a case of the animals being celebrity look-alikes. Cute terrier Scamper is a ringer for actor Richard Gere, but hasn't yet found a pretty woman to take him home. Shih Tzu Reba, who reminds some visitors of Bruce Forsyth, is hoping that the entertainer's legendary catchphrase - nice to see you, to see you nice - is uttered by a new owner soon.

And then there is Labrador cross Steve, who bears a passing resemblance to Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly. No doubt his day will come soon and he will find a nice big house on a hillside to settle down in. Having been held in the confines of the sanctuary for a time, it would be nice to experience greater freedom again.

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