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Bombs seizure a grim reminder

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Once again the dark side to life in Northern Ireland has made the headlines, with the discovery of a bomb cache at Carnfunnock Country Park, a popular family venue. Normally the park would be loud with children's laughter on Mother's Day. But yesterday it was cordoned off by the PSNI.

This latest development took place only days after the murder attempt on a prison officer in east Belfast.

The overwhelming majority of people are asking why a small minority are out to maim and kill, trying to return this province to its dark past.

The explosives were found on Saturday by a member of the public, and the police moved commendably swiftly to deal with the situation.

Following the dastardly attack on the prison warder we called for quick action on security, and the discovery and neutralising of this bomb cache at Carnfunnock is to be warmly welcomed.

It is good to know that the public is remaining vigilant, and is passing on vital information to the police, as happened in this case.

The PSNI and Army can only do so much. The major problem is how to change the mindset of this small minority who are totally misguided in their narrow belief that the bomb and the bullet are still the way ahead.

According to the police, some of these modern terrorists are keen to kill or maim members of the security forces as part of their sick and senseless contribution to the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

These people are so out of touch with the general public that it is difficult to know how to connect with them on a normal human level.

In today's paper we publish a moving and revealing letter from a young prison officer who sets out his hopes and fears, his reason for doing his job, and on building a decent life for his girlfriend and himself in the Northern Ireland of 2016.

He gives a clear outline of what it means to be a decent human being and what everyone has a right to expect, including being able to earn a living and to do a vital job in safety.

We look forward to further breakthroughs in the war against those who offer nothing but death and misery. They and their evil deeds, no matter what side they're on, belong to the past, and have no place in our future.

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