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Counselling for council staff gives sector bad name

There is no doubt that a threat to one's job can cause a certain amount of stress. Certainly, tens of thousands of people have experienced that situation in Northern Ireland in recent years. But few, if any, have ever had the luxury of counselling before the jobs even disappeared.

That is what is in store for local authority workers whose jobs may be jeopardised when the number of councils in the province is reduced from 26 to 12. But then, it won't be the councils who will pick up the bill, but the hard-pressed ratepayers who may be worried about their own job security. This is the sort of initiative which gives the public sector a bad image. Ratepayers' money should be used to provide service for ratepayers.

If council employees do face redundancy then they can avail of the services that are open to every other person in the same position.

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