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Driving out the car crime thugs in Northern Ireland

In this Advent season when people are intent on shopping and sharing the Christmas spirit, the least they might expect is being able to move around in safety.

However, in today's Belfast Telegraph there is an article which shows that other people are out to disrupt normal life and to create as much inconvenience and misery as possible.

The self-styled Divis Hoods Liberation Army is believed to be behind a series of recent hijacking and joyriding incidents which have been traumatic for those innocent people involved.

Although the public is sympathetic to the victims of such outrages, it is almost impossible to imagine the distress caused to those who have been so frightened and inconvenienced.

What is particularly sickening is the way in which members of the so-called 'Divis Hoods' and other gangs are boasting about their escapades, and warning there is more to follow.

This is evidence of part of a generation that is virtually out of control, and it is difficult to imagine or to understand the mindset of those young people who take such delight in the suffering of their victims.

This is behaviour that no civilised society should have to tolerate, and those responsible for these crimes should be targeted, apprehended and punished severely by the courts.

Such behaviour has been taking place for far too long, and it is reassuring to know that the PSNI has launched a new drive - Operation Galleas - to tackle the rise in carjacking and other related crimes across Belfast.

The PSNI commander in west Belfast is Chief Inspector Anthony McNally, and he has outlined the steps which are being taken to combat this anti-social behaviour.

These include more high-visibility police patrols in areas favoured by car thieves and joyriders, plus an emphasis on investigating these incidents and on taking measures which will be a deterrent in the first place.

Only time will tell how effective these steps will be, but the public is sick and tired of this inconvenience and danger, and they will look to the police for evidence that these criminals are indeed being brought to justice.

There is no way that our society can be held to ransom by thugs who find pleasure in creating such misery for law-abiding people in our capital city.

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