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Editor's Viewpoint: An occasion we can all celebrate

Today's Royal wedding is a cause for celebration throughout the UK and millions of people around the world marvelled at the pomp and pageantry of the occasion.

Nowhere else stages such an event with quite the same grandeur and sense of history. Of course there are many for whom the marriage of Royalty holds little appeal. In this province a sizeable number of people have strong political objections to the House of Windsor and in other regions there is apathy towards an unelected monarchy.

Yet it is an event which has at its core a rite of passage for two young people who, despite their elevated position, strike most observers as very likeable and very much in love. There is particular affection for Kate, a girl who seems to know her own mind and, even bound by the strictures of the strange environment she is entering, appears likely to make her own mark.

William, of course, was deeply affected by the tragic death of his mother and that has also endeared him to the public.

Looked at in a coldly logical way, it is sometimes difficult to justify the role of the monarchy in modern society. It is a ceremonial role, rather than of great constitutional import. And yet, in a world full of wars and woes, today such thoughts are sublimated by all but the most ardent republicans. Whatever the relevance of the Royal Family, this, like all weddings, is an occasion of joy. Millions of those viewing the ceremony will be more exercised by Kate's wedding dress than by her future role.

They will simply wish the couple every happiness for the future and hope that they can avoid the divorces, the scandals and the tragedy which has dogged the Royal Family in recent times. After all, what greater endorsement can there be of marriage than to see this young couple exchange their vows in front of the great and the good from around the world.


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