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Editor's Viewpoint: He's got the job, now Boris has to deliver

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

Editor's Viewpoint

Having obtained the job he always craved, new Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in ebullient form as he delivered his first speech outside 10 Downing Street. True to his nature it was a rousing performance, as different as it was possible to be from those given by his beleaguered predecessor Theresa May.

With some Churchillian flourishes and a certainty of tone that defied contradiction, he promised more police on the streets, no more lengthy waits to see GPs, fixing the social care crisis so that elderly people wouldn't have to sell their homes to finance care, upgrades to 20 hospitals and more money for education. And, of course, his oft-repeated promise that the UK would leave Europe by October 31, no ifs or buts about it.

Of course there was no detail on costs and given other promises on raising the tax threshold for big earners, the number crunchers will wonder just how he hopes to marry the aspirations and the finances.

As expected, NI Secretary of State Karen Bradley was sacked as part of a wholesale cull of the Cabinet and much interest, at least on this side of the Irish Sea, centres on her replacement and how that person will play with the parties here and also the Irish government.

Boris is the PM that the DUP expected and probably wished for, but how will they tie this mercurial figure down to hard and fast agreements in the new confidence and supply negotiations?

Another unknown factor is when, or if, Boris decides to call an election. Some supporters argue that Labour is in such disarray that he should act sooner rather than later - which could have huge consequences for the DUP and their balance of power position.

Boris has entered No 10 on a tidal wave of rhetoric and promises. The public wants change after the toxic Brexit campaign, but will Boris be able to deliver?

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