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Editor's Viewpoint: McIlroy's triumph is one for us all

Rory McIlroy's magnificent achievement in winning the US Open Golf Championship is undoubtedly the first of many Major victories, and it is a career breakthrough for this outstanding young Northern Ireland golfer.

He has displayed a supreme talent which has placed him in the top rank of world golfers, but he needed to win a Major tournament to prove that he really has arrived as one of the world's most exciting young professionals.

He has done so with style, and it is all the more remarkable that he has achieved this after such a disappointment in the US Masters when he allowed a convincing lead to fizzle out to a sickening defeat.

His nerves of steel, allied to his youth and unique talent, made sure that there was no repeat of such a disaster this time, and he has been crowned in one of the most deserved coronations in modern sport.

His victory is welcomed by people from all backgrounds in Northern Ireland, and not least in Holywood, as an outstanding achievement by a young man who is a credit not only to his sport but also to his native province, for whom he is such a great ambassador.

It is also superb that Rory McIlroy has become the US Open champion in the wake of Graeme McDowell who deservedly won the title so brilliantly last year.

To have one US Open champion from Northern Ireland is magnificent, but to have two in succession is virtually beyond belief.

The achievements of these two young Ulstermen will become a part of the treasured history of a small province which has known so much pain over the years, and Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell have brought us the right type of world headlines which would have been unimaginable not so long ago.

In that sense we are all winners, as the sporting good times continue to roll.


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