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Editor's Viewpoint: Our wicked web

Most of us wonder how we could ever live without the internet for its ability to educate, entertain or allow us to perform useful functions like shopping online.

But every silver lining has a dark cloud and the faceless, spineless, and talentless bloggers who inhabit cyberspace are the price we pay for technological advance.

The current target of their vitriol is Christine Bleakley, the new host of the Dancing on Ice TV series. She is subjected to brutal, unfair, even racist - her accent is mentioned regularly - comments from people whose acquaintance with the English language is merely passing. Christine, like everyone, has her faults, but also obvious talents, and can well afford to laugh off the comments. But she has the courage to do her job in the full glare of publicity. Pity her critics hadn't the same bravery.


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