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Editor's Viewpoint: Undertones' gem is so hard to beat

It is no surprise that The Undertones have topped the poll listing the most memorable moments in the recent history of popular music.

Their massive hit Teenage Kicks, which shot to fame partly through the backing the legendary presenter, the late John Peel, remains iconic in the pop music genre.

This enduring song of youth and hope has not only appealed to a huge audience and literally struck a chord with successive generations, it has also guaranteed the lasting fame of the Derry group which so proudly carried the musical banner for their multi-talented city.

Teenage Kicks has shown that pop music is not necessarily a transient phenomenon, and that some compositions and performances retain their appeal, despite the passage of time.

The Undertones and Teenage Kicks have proved to be ageless in a world where so much changes so quickly.

The song will live on in the hearts of music fans.


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