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Editor's Viewpoint: United we stand against terrorism

Terrorists, even small factions like the dissident republicans, are adept at gaining publicity for their twisted causes.

The people who carried out the bomb attack on the City of Culture offices in Londonderry knew it was a tactic which would gain some headlines.

Like the bomb, it was crude, but effective. It could also have been deadly.

People interested only in the arts were thrust unwittingly into the front line as if they were some kind of legitimate targets.

However this newspaper and the people of Derry - from every shade of opinion - made a stand against the bombers whose nihilistic ambitions are solely to turn the clock back to the days of terror.

We were determined to show that the bombers are not the true face of either Derry or Northern Ireland and we were enthusiastically joined by a wide cross-section of society to make that point by standing together outside the shattered windows of the building.

Their message is a simple one and one which will be used by the city around these islands when it promotes its role as UK City of Culture 2013. Unlike the bombers, their vision is one where Derry rejoices in the talent of its people, in its arts and in its culture and grasps the opportunity of its time in the spotlight to regenerate its economy.

The city has put a tremendous effort into gaining its current recognition and its people have shown that they are determined to be seen as positive and forward thinking.

It is a city open for business and those on the dissident terrorist fringes will not deter the citizens from their task of building a better future. Derry, like the rest of Northern Ireland, has seen too many dark days in the past to ever want to revisit its tragic history.

And this newspaper is proud to help the city get that message across to as wide an audience as possible.


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