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Gorgeous George Clooney breaks a million women's hearts

The news that the movie star George Clooney has become engaged to his British girlfriend of seven months may cause a ripple among millions of women who have an eye for a handsome male, and a need for a heartthrob.

Gorgeous George, however, is much more than an example of female 'eye candy'. He is a first-rate actor and also a campaigner for human rights.

This may be an added attraction for his new fiancée Amal Alamuddin, who specialises in international law and rights.

However, it is not for outsiders to judge what exactly adds up to an 'item', and George has been down the marriage path before now.

Nevertheless, most people – apart from George's now heartbroken female admirers all over the world – will wish him and the prospective Mrs Clooney every happiness in the years to come.

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