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Green-fingered villagers deserving of all plaudits

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In a too-often drab world it is good to be able to praise people who can bring colour into our lives, as in the case of Castlecaulfield, the picturesque village some two miles outside Dungannon.

Small villages do not normally attract national attention but Castlecaulfield is making headlines because it won a top prize in the Royal Horticultural Society's prestigious Champion of Champions competition.

Londonderry was named as the Best Small City, and Randalstown and Antrim also received medals.

This is good news, not just for people in these places but also for all of us who treasure the beauty around us.

Such accolades are hard-won, and much work has to be done by a wide range of people who are dedicated to make their home areas as beautiful as possible. We salute and thank all of them for their vision and dedication.

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