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Has Ian Paisley mellowed in his later years? Never, Never, never, never ...

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Over the years the Rev Ian Paisley has been a controversial and outspoken figure in local politics and even now, in his sunset years, he is still big box office. In an extensive interview for a BBC documentary, his thoughts veer from the outrageous to the frankly astonishing.

He says the Irish government was to blame for the loyalist bombings of Dublin and Monaghan which killed 33 people through its attitude to the province.

Then he admits that the central demands of the civil rights movement were just and speaks of his anger at paratroopers killing 14 people on Bloody Sunday. He has always been a man of contradictions, as difficult to pin down as a sliver of mercury.

Yet he has earned an undeniably significant part in the recent turbulent history of this province. And it is clear he has no intentions of going quietly into the night.

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