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Twenty years ago, Belfast architect Dawson Stelfox made history by becoming the first person from Ireland to reach the summit of Everest.

Nowadays, perhaps there is an impression that standing on top of the world is no great deal, but the truth is much different.

Stelfox got into difficulties on the lower reaches of the mountain and the sense of danger is always there due to the hostile terrain and ever-changing weather.

Even today the grim reminders of that danger are evident with the not uncommon sight of long-dead bodies of climbers frozen onto their ropes.

Today, Stelfox is still climbing and combining his hobby with a very successful career. One of his projects, the restoration of the Nomadic tender in Belfast docks, is another piece of history as it was used to ferry passengers to the Titanic.

He also helped to restore the Albert Clock in Belfast.

He's clearly a man determined to leave his mark.

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