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If you don't like the heat Sally ...

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So Sally Bercow (above) can't wait for the spotlight to disappear from her private life.

I bet her husband, the ever patient Commons speaker John Bercow, is thinking the exact same thing after she was photographed kissing another man in a nightclub, wearing a brunette wig and looking slightly squiffy.

When the pictures ended up splashed across a newspaper, a righteous Sally whinged that the media should leave her private life alone. I feel obliged to remind you that this is the woman who appeared in Celebrity Big Brother and who mortified her husband by posing for a newspaper, looking out over the Houses of Parliament wrapped in nothing but a bed sheet. This is also the woman who saw fit to, incorrectly, shine a spotlight on the private life of Lord McAlpine. If you don't like the limelight, Sally, it's time to stop courting it.

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