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Irish Open shows the whole world what our people can do ... it's such a shame our politicians cannot follow the example

People from all backgrounds, sporting and non-sporting, are delighted by the success of the Irish Open at Portstewart.

The pictures are being seen around the world.

This is a great advertisement for tourism and for the Northern Ireland 'brand', and it is having a positive economic impact locally.

The golfing and organisational success is a great curtain-raiser for The Open which is coming to Royal Portrush in 2019. It is sad to see that Rory McIlroy has missed the cut and will not be playing in the final stages of this Open, but he has already had a massive impact on the tournament through the support from the Rory Foundation.

This worthwhile charity is helping to release funds which will seek to promote opportunity and lasting change for children suffering from ill-health, or coming from a disadvantaged background or vulnerable circumstances.

Rory deserves every credit for sharing his success by working hard to help others in this way.

While the golf is central to this weekend's events on the north coast, the spin-off is considerable.

Well-known musicians are playing for free in selected venues, and there are special events for families in this hospitable seaside resort.

The Irish Open at Portstewart is showing itself to be a well-organised showcase for the best qualities of this province, and it is a great pity that our politicians have shown such a lack of leadership in failing to have a Stormont Executive in place at such a special time as this.

The whole event shows the great potential of Northern Ireland, as well as our entrepreneurship, and our ability to work together for a common goal.

This sends a strong message to all our politicians, who really must do better in order to help all of us.

Meanti me, this is an opportunity for everyone to bask in the collective glory of the success of the Irish Open at Portstewart, and to look hopefully for better days ahead.

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