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It'll take more than a pigeon head to put us off our meat

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The special dish produced by world-renowned chef Alain Passard at the award-winning Ox restaurant in Belfast may not be to everyone's taste.

He deserves good marks for originality for fusing the head and front end of a wood pigeon onto a lamb shank, but not everyone is happy. People have objected to having the head of the bird on the dish, seeing it as a reminder of the reality of what is being eaten.

This applies not only to exotic dishes, but also to our everyday food. If we think too much about the slaughter of cattle, the rearing of battery hens and other means of mass-production, it might put some of us off our dinner.

Perhaps this has led to the rising number of vegans, but it will still take some time to wean off the typical Ulster diner from his or her steak or chicken and chips.

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