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It's no joke, our musical will take London by storm

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It is not often that a musical dreamed up in the provinces heads towards the West End of London. But that is the journey that a musical comedy commissioned by the Lyric Theatre in Belfast has taken as it opens in Hackney tonight – and that may just be the first stop on the way to greater exposure.

The worldly Londoners who will go along to the theatre tonight may get a surprise when the curtains go back. For this is a ribald comedy, much at odds with Northern Ireland's dour, conservative image.

Whilst our politicians may appear to be killjoys, ordinary people here enjoy a joke as much as anyone and many Northern Ireland comedians have built a big reputation in Britain.

So it should not be a shock that an adult comedy musical should emerge from these shores. Having taken Edinburgh by storm it is now time to do the same in the English capital.

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