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Keeping tills ringing

The commitment to greater sharing between schools in the Programme for Government (PfG) and in recent political speeches is welcome. I understand that there are already about 1,000 projects promoting cross-community collaboration between schools.

E very year before Christmas retailers are all doom and gloom, claiming that shoppers are clamping their purses tighter than Scrooge. Then, miraculously, when the Boxing Day sales start, they are suddenly all upbeat, saying they have had their best ever Christmas and that record numbers of bargain hunters are beating their way through the rails during the sales. Quite where the truth lies is often difficult to ascertain, but let us hope that local retailers have made a substantial profit over the festive period as that is their peak earning period of the year. Retailers are an important part of our economy and their good health is important to us all. A prosperous New Year for shopkeepers is a good sign and shows that despite the recession, Northern Ireland is not yet broke.


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