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Marathon a huge success... even if it was too long

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The Belfast Marathon is over, and it attracted record numbers, with some 18,000 people - including around 5,000 newcomers taking part.

The fact that it took place on a Sunday was criticised by some Churches, while others welcomed it along parts of the route.

The race was 460 metres too long and this has been admitted by the organisers. Some of those who took part may be perturbed because the longer distance may affect their personal finish times - always a major factor for those involved.

However, there was much for which to be thankful as well, including good weather for a marathon, public support and enjoyment all round.

Congratulations are due to all who took part, from the professionals and charity funders to those who wanted to make their mark and to create personal - and in this case - inadvertently extended milestones.

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