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McWilliams' plaudits for NHS staff fully deserved

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Former Women's Coalition leader and Human Rights Commissioner, Monica McWilliams, writes very movingly in this newspaper today about her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in Belfast.

Like the 4,700 other women to undertake the same medical journey, she is full of praise for the cancer nurses who dealt with her needs on a daily basis.

While she criticises the facilities at the Royal Victoria Hospital's A&E department, there is not an unkind word for the human element of the NHS. That is something we often forget. Staff at all levels in the NHS have to deal with enormous workloads, often dealing with stressful situations and people who are very seriously ill, yet they do so with tremendous compassion and great expertise and, quite often, in far from ideal environments. They have found a great champion in Ms McWilliams.

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