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Reader so moved by Tele she’s decided to stay put

By Jonathan McCambridge

We are always searching for a little bit of good news amid all the gloom.

And yesterday one caller to the Belfast Telegraph delivered a ray of light on a dark and cold day.

The woman, who did not wish to give her name, revealed that she had moved to Belfast several months ago.

The caller, who said she was from outside the province, told how she had been left continuously depressed by the news agenda since she moved here.

Her frustrations reached a peak this week as nationalists and unionists fell out in grand style on Belfast City Council.

The row was sparked after Sinn Fein Lord Mayor Niall O’Donnghaile snubbed a teenage Army cadet by refusing to present her with an award.

The predictable row which followed saw unionists calling for the Mayor’s head and an angry mob protesting outside council offices on Thursday night.

The caller was less than impressed. Indeed, so disheartened was she by the bickering that she revealed she was prepared to move away from the province and return home.

And then she picked up a copy of the Belfast Telegraph.

This paper followed all the twists and turns of the saga like the rest of the media. However, it was the leader column in yesterday’s paper that so impressed our caller.

The leader argued: “All sides should reflect that continuing to bicker along tired traditional lines does nothing for the image of a city which has recently done much to present itself as a place of the future not the past.”

Clearly we struck a chord. Our caller revealed that she was so moved by the sentiments of the paper that she has decided to stay in Northern Ireland.

She told us: “Your leader column made my day and gave me hope for Belfast.”

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