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Roads crumble around us while Executive is in limbo

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there is an old saying about people and institutions 'digging themselves into a hole', and in Northern Ireland that is unfortunately all too true.

SDLP councillor Thomas O'Hanlon has posted on social media photos of potholes in the rural roads of south Armagh, which are a disgrace.

In August this newspaper reported that over £850,000 had been paid out in compensation for vehicles damaged on Northern Ireland roads during the previous year. Five years ago the figure was only just over £163,500. The number of claims has also risen, from 599 in 2014/15, to over 3,000 in 2017/18.

The Northern Ireland Audit Office has warned that spending on our roads network is some £50m too low each year.

The less money there is for road maintenance, the worse they will become, particularly in rural areas. While this nonsense goes on, Stormont is in limbo and proves yet again that we are literally on the road to ruin.

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