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Scott Vineer's battle against the odds is an inspiration to us all

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At a time when there is so much depressing news locally and internationally, it is wonderful to read the story in our paper about Scott Vineer and his family, who are celebrating a very special occasion today.

Scott is walking his mum Helen-Louise up the aisle three years after he was beaten up so badly that initially he was not expected to live.

Scott, who is autistic, was attacked on his way home from college in 2012 and dumped by his assailants in the grounds of a disused furniture showroom near the Lagan towpath at Lisburn.

He was found by a police dog handler after his body lay undiscovered for 30 hours. He was so badly beaten that he was recognised only from his bracelets, and when he eventually reached intensive care a doctor there doubted if he would live.

However, against all the odds, he pulled through. He spent three months in a coma, and he still suffers greatly from his injuries. However his spirit is undaunted, and he is a great example to all of us. It is impossible to comprehend the viciousness of the attack, but the person responsible has pleaded guilty and he is awaiting sentencing which, hopefully, will be commensurate with such a dastardly crime.

Nevertheless, amid the wanton cruelty there has been much to celebrate, including the dedication and skills of the medical and nursing staff who helped Scott.

Much praise is also due to Scott for his great determination to stay alive, and also the love of his mother and family, as well as his friends, who supported him steadfastly in his battle.

Now there is a day of great joy for the Vineer family, and by acting as best man for his mum today Scott is a wonderful witness to the enormous strength of the human spirit.

Anyone who reads this story cannot but be inspired and impressed by Scott's simple, yet profound philosophy: "I just get on with life. You pick yourself up and get on with it."

That is something for all of us to think about.

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