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Something positive coming out of Friel family's sad loss

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The death of the BBC Radio Ulster broadcaster Eamon Friel at only 69 years of age is an immense tragedy for his family and for his many friends on and off the airwaves.

Eamon was a talented singer and songwriter, who will be widely remembered for his talent which was ended by his untimely death, which in itself had a cruel twist.

He had been suffering from lung cancer, but in the end he died from sepsis, that silent killer. Now Eamon's son Colum and his widow Caitlin are raising funds to increase awareness of sepsis and they are already well on the way to reaching their £3,000 target for the UK Sepsis Trust.

They deserve all the praise and support possible for trying to bring something positive out of such a personal tragedy, and for trying to help others by raising awareness of the dangers of sepsis itself.

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