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Editor's Viewpoint

South East Antrim UDA gang’s reign of terror must come to an end

Editor's Viewpoint


Glenn with brother Martin

Glenn with brother Martin

Glenn with brother Martin

The pernicious influence of paramilitary gangsters in the Carrickfergus area could not be better demonstrated than by their campaign of terror against the Quinn family. Elements associated with the South East Antrim UDA have been blamed for the murder of Glenn Quinn in January this year and now police have informed his brother that a threat against his life has been made.

Although the SE Antrim UDA has denied it has anything to do with the threat that Martin Quinn has 24 hours to leave the country or he, too, will be attacked, the word of those associated with the maverick gang has no credibility.

It seems the gang have now targeted those involved with a Facebook page ‘Justice for Glenn Quinn’. Several people are reported to have been threatened with harm.

Three weeks ago the UDA leadership said it had nothing to do with Glenn’s murder and told anyone who had information about the killing to give it to the police without any repercussions.

However, those who have since been threatened know that there is no one who can protect them around the clock and that those responsible for the murder of Glenn and the new threats do not heed orders from the UDA leadership.

The threats against Martin Quinn are a sinister development and heap pain upon pain on the Quinn family. Martin was the last person to speak to his brother after he was viciously beaten and mortally injured by three thugs. He knows the identity of the killers but police need more information to ensure that they are brought to justice and jailed.

The threats have also caused further worry to Glenn and Martin’s elderly mother and their sister who have spoken out bravely against the thugs. They now have another brother’s safety to worry about.

What this gangland law proves is that paramilitary gangs are far from being the protectors of their communities that they pretend to be. Instead they fleece the decent hardworking people through their rackets, poison their children through their drug dealing and dispense cruel beatings and shootings against anyone who dares to question their authority.

Without information being passed to the police, efforts to bring the gangsters to account are hamstrung and so the vicious circle continues. It must be broken or more people like Martin Quinn will continue to live in fear.

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