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Terror attack on London's underground is stark reminder that we all need to be vigilant in a world that has changed

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The terrorist incident on a London underground train yesterday is the latest in a long line of similar attacks which are intended to create fear among the public, and to cause as much injury and damage as possible.

Thankfully, the latest explosive device failed to ignite properly, and this undoubtedly saved lives and widespread injury, but it was a stark reminder that the current high terror threat level is justified. We in Northern Ireland, who have lived through decades of terrorism, know only too well the fear and uncertainty that these incidents create, and our thoughts are with all those in London who were affected, and with their families and friends.

The Prime Minister was right to call a COBRA meeting, and to take all steps possible to maintain the high security level and to pursue all means possible to track down the perpetrators of this violence and to bring them to justice as swiftly as possible.

She was also right to admonish President Trump for a Twitter message that suggests he may be making public some intelligence details which would be better kept to himself.

Meanwhile, intensive investigations are taking place to find those responsible for yesterday's London attack, and their background hopefully will become more clear in the near future.

The only consolation at present is the fact that no-one was killed or injured yesterday, compared to the widespread deaths and carnage in other terrorist attacks in London, Manchester, Paris, Spain and elsewhere.

The grim reality is that terrorism is not "out there" but in our midst. The utmost vigilance is required from the public, as well as strong support for the police.

The price of peace is constant vigilance, from all of us. The world has changed, and nobody is totally safe today.

In the face of such threats, we must not lose our nerve, but instead confront evil in all its forms.

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