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Terror campaign against Sammy Brush must stop

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Councillor Sammy Brush has suffered more than most for his principles. In 1981 the off-duty UDR man was shot and wounded in an IRA ambush. He returned fire and wounded one of his attackers, who 30 years later was jailed for the murder bid.

Mr Brush still suffers the effects of his wounds.

However, disgracefully, he continues to be a target of harassment and malice. In what he says was the 40th attack on his property at the weekend, his car was severely damaged when it was deliberately shoved down the street outside his home by a tractor.

These ongoing attacks are not just random events, but are orchestrated to some degree. No person, especially a man who had the courage to defend his country against terrorism and then went on to serve it in a civic capacity, should be subjected to such a campaign. There must be a number of people in his locality who know exactly who is responsible for the attacks on his property. It is their duty to inform the police so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

If any society is prepared to let a person become the target of cowardly criminals without coming to his assistance, then that society is descending towards anarchy.

Mr Brush is a democratically elected councillor. The ballot box or the debating chamber are the proper places for his opponents to challenge his views.

There should be no hiding place for those who skulk in the night to inflict damage on his property.

Other politicians in the area – of all parties – should unite to condemn the attacks.

They have chosen a democratic path and should protect that jealously by speaking out against those who see violence as the way to make their point.

They should remember that next time they could be the victims of the sort of crimes which Mr Brush has had to endure for many years.

The attacks on him are a blight on our society which must be eradicated.

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