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'Terrorist' fashion video an insult to women of Northern Ireland

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In an age when the good image of Northern Ireland is important to attract tourists and investment, it is disappointing to discover a YouTube Channel famous for its fashion series has featured a negative, misleading film about us.

This provides, at one level, an insight into how outsiders still perceive us, but like nearly all subjective views, it leaves out as much as it includes.

It features women from the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, and depicts women from here toting guns and wearing berets.

Those who really know and understand Northern Ireland are aware that it is wrong and inaccurate to portray a '70s Everywoman from this region as a weapon-wielding terrorist.

In real terms, she was much more likely to have been a harassed working mother who was trying to keep her family safe and well away from terrorist gangs and guns, and also snatching moments to peruse a fashion magazine, or taking precious time to visit our city centre fashion stores in search of some glamour.

Sadly, however, this spectacularly depressing film and its timing may well reinforce stereotyped images of Northern Ireland and gain some traction with worldwide audiences.

Our image has not been improved recently, with a prison officer tragically dying as a result of dissident republican terrorists who planted a bomb under his van.

As well as this, we have had to endure disgusting scenes of student drunkenness and sectarianism in the Holylands area of Belfast. All of this adverse publicity also comes at a time when Northern Ireland has been suffering crippling job losses at Bombardier, Michelin and other companies.

Our First Minister and Deputy First Minister have been on a high-profile mission in the USA to promote the many attractions of Northern Ireland. This is a hard enough sell without any adverse publicity, including the distasteful and disgraceful YouTube fashion video that brands all women here terrorists.

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