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Editor's Viewpoint


A worshipper in Minsk, Belarus

A worshipper in Minsk, Belarus

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A worshipper in Minsk, Belarus

Fear. There is much fear around at the present time. Fear over our health and the health of our loved ones. Fear over how long this lockdown situation is going to last and what kind of world it will be when we 'return to normal'.

Fear over jobs. This fear is mixed with much confusion of thought and uncertainty. We are being pushed, all of us, out of our comfort zones and being made to walk on paths we have not walked before. Paths that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

Does the Bible, does God, having anything to say to us in our fear and confusion?

Well, think back for a moment to the first Easter. The followers of Jesus were experiencing a lot of fear, uncertainty and confusion.

Jesus had been cruelly put to death. He had also spoken about rising from the dead but they were not sure if this would actually happen.

Early on the Sunday morning Mary Magdalene and some others made their way to the tomb of Jesus with the intention of anointing his body.

To their surprise, they met an angel who had rolled the stone away from the tomb's entrance.

This angel spoke to them. He said: 'Do not be afraid'. These words are easily spoken, aren't they? These women, followers of Jesus, had many fears, not least this sudden encounter with an angelic being.

How can the angel so confidently affirm that they have no need to be afraid? He goes on to explain: 'You seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here. He is risen.' (Mark 16: 5 & 6)

'Don't be afraid. Jesus has risen'. That's the message of hope which the women heard.

It's this message we need to hear today. Many are our fears. But if we have a personal faith in Jesus Christ, if he's our saviour, we are trusting in the one who has conquered sin and death and the grave.

He's a powerful saviour, greater than any other and greater than our doubts and fears. He is able to come to us and lift us up in all our fear and confusion.

And if he is our saviour he is able ultimately to deliver us from the trials of this life and to raise us up to be with him in the glory of Heaven.

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