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Titanic struggle for dockers' rights is remembered

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The Titanic is an iconic symbol in the history of Northern Ireland. Even more than 100 years after it sank we are fascinated by the doomed liner and its connections to the city where it was built.

For Snow Patrol's drummer, Jonny Quinn, his interest in the liner became personal when he discovered that his great grandfather narrowly escaped going down with the ship.

His survival had long-lasting consequences as his great grandfather became a very active trade unionist, fighting to improve the lot of Belfast's dockers and striking up a friendship with icons like James Connolly and James Larkin. Of course, the employers had their revenge.

He never worked in the docks again because of his involvement in trade union activities but, belatedly, he is to have a headstone erected on his grave in Belfast. Honour is his eventually and well deserved.

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