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Why are we still on the road to nowhere in Belfast?

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We believe that the jury is still out on the Belfast On The Move traffic scheme. Its aim to prioritise bus and cycle lanes at the expense of motorists seems to have succeeded only in creating further congestion.

Cynics might say that whoever came up with the Belfast On The Move name for the new scheme has a keen sense of humour, although given the Department for Regional Development's strong defence of the new measures, it is probably unintentional.

Sat nav company TomTom says Belfast is the most congested city in the UK.

While morning and evening rush hours are obviously the worst periods for traffic flow, the situation at other times of the day is still poor. Yet the survey findings must be taken in perspective.

Our rush hour periods are probably of lesser duration than those in major cities in England and motorists who daily brave the main arterial routes in and around London would certainly disagree that our congestion is worse.

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