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Windfall will help River Farset to make waves once more

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The announcement of almost £100,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund as a grant to rejuvenate the Farset is good news for Belfast and for the river that gave the city its name.

It was founded at a sandy ford across the River Farset, hence the Irish name Béal Feirste, which translated into the more familiar Belfast. For far too long the Farset has been hidden away and downgraded, as this newspaper reported last year. Now it will be brought back to our attention with this new cross-community project, which will produce landscaping where appropriate, and a full heritage package.

Belfast has known too many dark days, but this new light to be shed on the river is a timely, and long overdue, Christmas present for everybody. The Farset and the city have a long and distinguished history, and the more that is known about it, the better. The Farset deserves its full place in the limelight.

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