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Girls just wanna have fun - Katy Perry and Russell Brand

By Jane Graham

Many a brow has been furrowed at the news that sweet’n’sexy little Katy Perry has leapt into the hairy arms of serial womaniser and Sachs-baiter Russell Brand and is now reportedly looking to shack up with him in LA.

Ex-heroin addict Brand is not an appropriate partner for this fresh-faced Christian pastor’s daughter, the moral guardians of the world’s potential procreators have decreed.

I reckon that if I was 25 and looking for a good time, Russell Brand is exactly the kind of guy I’d want to have fun with.

What more could a young girl want than great sex and lots of laughter with an attractive and slightly dangerous man?

Brand is intelligent, funny and happy enough in his own skin not to care what the moral majority think about his lifestyle or his appearance — rather like the rebellious pastor-shocking ‘ I Kissed a Girl’ singer herself in fact. He ticks all the boxes — and most thrillingly of all, other people keep warning against him. Perfect.

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