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Is Peta's latest poster effective for animal rights - or just offensive?

In keeping with its agenda of raising awareness by raising hackles, animal rights group Peta has unveiled its latest campaign, which compares a non-depilated female bikini line with wearing fur.

“Fur trim: unattractive” reads the slogan, slapped across the image of a model in her undies, sprouting what can only be described as a yeti’s Movember effort from either side of her slinky pink gusset.

Clearly, this imagery is just a bit, well, distasteful – that’s what PETA does, and sometimes it’s effective. But that’s before you consider how grotesquely offensive it is to women to imply that their natural thermal layering is a) sexually off-putting and b) the same as wearing parts of a dead animal.

Not since John Ruskin fainted at the sight of his wife’s muff have we seen such arcane and ignorant semi-sauciness. And you’d think Peta would know better, too, seeing as they’re normally the ones with their knickers in a twist.

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