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Letter of the day: Correspondent's criticism of the General Assembly's democratic decision should be voiced within Church

Presbyterian row


I refer to Alf McCreary's persistent criticism of the decisions of the leadership of Irish Presbyterianism (Saturday Review, October 20).

Since the General Assembly of the Church met in June, Alf has used his weekly column to repeatedly slam the decision they made about the degree of involvement that same sex couples can have in the Church.

In his latest article, he has returned to referring to the leadership as 'the fundamentalists' (he had at least softened that in recent weeks to 'the traditionalists'). I would appeal to Alf to stop his campaign to have a democratic decision overturned and, instead, make himself available for a leadership role and start voicing his opinion from within the Church, rather than in the secular media.

In this respect, Paul's teaching to the Corinthian Church (1 Corinthians chapter 6) about disputes between Christians is very apt.

Paul tells the Christians to not bring the secular world into their disputes, as the secular world "knows nothing of God's ways".

Christians are meant to love others by genuinely showing compassion and by passing on the gospel message, but to also base decisions on the word of God (and not the trends of society), which will at times inevitably put the Church on a different trajectory than popular opinion would dictate.


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