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£150m John Lewis plan scrapped

Attwood getting paid thousands to make a mess of things. Disgusting.


BlueNoseBobert: I demand his resignation.


How many more shops does Northern Ireland need? These schemes are pure cannibalisation. The problem is that 30 years of IRA bombing made everyone feel safer in high-security shopping centres.


A John Lewis store would certainly bring visitors from the Republic.


8billion: And bring visitors that might not normally have bothered with that bit of shopping (even replacing Fultons for some?) And provide jobs to the unemployed, turning them from people taking benefits to paying taxes. But who cares now? They'll just do all that, but in Dublin.

Stew Rogers

Retail does not add value. What Ireland needs is more manufacturing.


Shpalpeen: I agree. Retail is a zero-sum game. What a lot of these people do not understand is that there is only so much disposable income in the economy. What might be spent at this location is currently being spent elsewhere. So while this retail park may be a success, that money is not being spent somewhere else. People are lazy, though. They like the idea of driving door-to-door to a free car-park and waddling through the doors of a single-storey building. They do not give a damn about the consequences.


Centres like this only relocate the retail pounds to another area. It will cause other shops to close.

Tyrone Prod

Attwood wants to keep Belfast alive and kicking, but the zombies are helping to destroy it.

Irish Prod

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