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£1bn can't buy off aspirations of republicans

The description by the British Prime Minister of a "secure Northern Ireland" places a burden on former republicans who now act as Crown ministers to ensure there is no ongoing resistance to the British presence in Ireland.

Costing over £1bn, the transfer of policing and justice powers to Stormont marks a final sell-out of the Provisionals under the Adams and McGuinness leadership.

The onus will be on these former republicans to ensure the aspiration of the Irish people to a new and united Ireland will be crushed by the police and British Army.

However, history teaches us that the British presence in Ireland will be resisted.

The age-old aspiration of the Irish people to national self-determination cannot be crushed - even at the cost of £1bn. There are still true republicans who cannot be bought with British money.


Vice-president, Republican Sinn Fein


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