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A dignified solution to chaos of Brexit

May I offer a solution to the tangled mess that is Brexit, the EU and the island of Ireland?

Britain has done the dirty work in questioning the European project — with a very dramatic outcome — but it was important that it was questioned.

Now, Ireland and Britain could collaborate in proposing a special joint membership status with the EU as ‘Large Island Nations’.

With our common language, shared history, cultural similarities and island geography, this makes sense. As joint ‘Large Island Members’, the border in Northern Ireland could be managed internally.

As part of the new deal, Ireland and Britain could renegotiate with the EU on a number of fronts.

1) Regarding fishing rights on the British and Irish coastlines. This would particularly help Ireland’s indigenous fishing industry, which has all but died out due to the straitjacket of the EU’s fishing rights.

2) Immigration control (from non-EU countries) into Europe. A quota system is needed for refugees. No country should disproportionately take the burden.

3) The EU must put in place budgetary measures to support countries where there is an inward flow of migration (from within the EU) and the associated demand on social services.

A dignified solution can be found. Britain and the EU could hold their heads high after a fractious period in their relationship.

No divorce (for now).

Alison Hackett

By email

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