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A disgrace to spend billions on new subs

I am saddened but not surprised by last week's vote by the House of Commons to renew Trident.

The recently unelected Prime Minister claims it would be "irresponsible to scrap Trident". I say it is irresponsible to renew Trident.

We are living in times of austerity, foisted upon us by this Government; informed that cuts in services and to our standard of living are essential, yet the cost to renew these weapons of mass destruction is estimated to be billions of pounds.

We need to invest in our people, in our health service, in education, in affordable housing and jobs; not an alleged deterrent, that if used, would wreak devastation on humanity and this planet.

Trident has never been an effective deterrent. The main risk to our national security are terrorist threats from Isis. How effective are nuclear weapons at preventing their atrocities?

Let us focus on improving life for our communities by investing this apparent surplus of capital into realistic and achievable goals.


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