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A federal kingdom is the key to our future

LIAM Clarke refers to my book, Theoretical Solution To The British/Irish Problem Using The General Theory Of A Federal Kingdom (Telegraph, March 13).

He said: "A man sent me a book he had written, proposing an Irish Tricolour with the Crown and other symbols in the white bit."

If Mr Clarke had read the book, he would have found that it made four salient points about the Crown, the Kingdom and Ireland:

1 The British/Irish problem is constitutional and can only be resolved by constitutional reform.

2 There cannot be a standalone flag of Northern Ireland, as it is an artificial entity. If there is to be a new flag in Ireland, it will have to be a redesigned Tricolour as the national flag of the Federal Kingdom of Ireland.

3 The new flag will have to be ratified in an act of parliament at Westminster. A suggested National Government of Ireland Act is given in my book.

4 In the event of Scottish independence, Scotland intends to leave the United Kingdom, but remain as a sovereign nation within the Confederal Kingdom of the Isles of the North Atlantic (as this term is used in my book). The Crown will be head of state as the kingdom is envisaged in my book.


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