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A few rules for local motorists

Seven tips for local motorists:

1. Each time you get behind the wheel, just take a second to imagine how devastated and angry you would be to hear that a loved one has died due to the negligence of a driver.

2. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to do your make-up while driving, just imagine how much concealer you will need after the fire brigade have pulled your face from the dashboard.

3. You wouldn't use a mobile phone while reading or watching a good film as it would disturb your concentration, but you think it's fine to use one while hurtling a ton of metal around at 50mph. Just how important is that call?

4. Indicators and seatbelts are not just fancy accessories, they were designed for a purpose.

5. The speed limit sign outside a school may say 50mph, but just ask yourself if you could stop in time should a pushchair suddenly roll into the road.

6. The name "speed bump" may be confusing to some of you. Perhaps "slow bump" would make the message a little clearer. You don't have to approach them at top speed and smash your front and rear bumpers to bits.

7. The red light means stop.


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