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A fitting reply from the 'Real' or 'Continuity' DUP

Lorna Coote (Write Back, December 5) clearly misunderstood the point I made in my letter about Nigel Dodds' DUP annual conference speech (Write Back, November 30).

The key message is: neither unionists nor republicans should deny their own history, or rewrite it, to suit current circumstances.

John McCallister had the bravery to admit that everything wasn't right in the old Stormont and unionism does have hard questions to answer. His honesty and bravery is a challenge to Sinn Fein to do the same. It is also a bravery that is refreshing, but it appears sadly lacking in some sections of our current government.

However, there is a glimmer of hope. Peter Robinson is clearly trying to embrace this reality of the past and appears to be willing to challenge those who wish to deny what really went before - both from a unionist and a republican perspective.

Such a myopic outlook will not advance Northern Ireland, nor will it create the shared future that is central to the Executive and, apparently, the DUP's community relations strategy.

Maybe Peter Robinson is ploughing a lonely furrow; attempting to create a new Northern Ireland, based on equality and a shared future without the support of the bulk of the DUP.

That being the case, then possibly Ms Coote's letter should be read as a response from the 'Real' or 'Continuity' DUP, as opposed to the leadership of that party.




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