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A flag we can all be proud of

Under the flag of equality, how could anyone object to Sinn Fein and the SDLP's demand that the flag of a foreign country (the Irish tricolour) be flown over Ulster Parliament Buildings? Why not fly the flags of all non-Ulster British residents here?

These parties are living in denial: they live in Ulster, which is part of the United Kingdom. To permit such an absurdity would be pandering to their delusion that the Ulster-British and Ulster somehow do not exist.

In the unlikely event that Ireland achieves the annexation of Ulster, then the Irish national flag could be flown with honour.

To do so now over Government Buildings, where Ireland has no responsibility, would bring dishonour to the Irish nation. Why not agree a new flag for Ulster, with which both the Ulster-Irish and Ulster-British can identify?

ulster nationalist


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