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A footballer's duty is playing to the whistle

Luis Suarez handled the ball in the act of scoring for Liverpool against Mansfield (Sport, January 7).

The goal stands, because the officials didn't see the infringement. Suarez is subsequently castigated.

But we don't know if, in that split second, the contact with the hand could have been avoided. Should Suarez have insisted that the goal be struck off?

Surely the principal discipline of sport is to play to the whistle. Since time immemorial, we have been imploring footballers to do this.

Indeed, Suarez did exactly this in his last game, against Sunderland. By staying on his feet in spite of an illegal challenge, he had the opportunity to continue on and score, which he duly did.

In the game against Mansfield, he once again played to the whistle. So where is the offence?


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