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A forgetful Mr McGuinness?

What is Martin McGuinness asking us to believe?

Does he receive so many requests to attend to dying priests that he does not ask questions about the priest before attending? Did nobody tell him of the suspicions surrounding Fr Chesney?

This republican priest was aware that he had been exiled to Donegal because of allegations about his involvement in the Claudy murders.

He asks to meet up with someone associated with the IRA command. Why?

Are we really asked to believe that the subject of the Claudy bombings was not raised by Fr Chesney - even if Mr McGuinness was so spectacularly ill-informed? Or is Mr McGuinness's memory letting him down again?

After all, when the BBC were doing a programme about Fr Chesney's role in the Claudy bombings, Mr McGuinness entirely forgets having met Fr Chesney, apparently.

Does Mr McGuinness still expect us to accept the IRA's denial of its responsibility for the Claudy murders?

Perhaps the IRA did carry out the bombing - but forgot? After all, when you kill so many people, it must be easy to forget a few.




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