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A handshake that bridged a centuries-old gulf

Fair play to both of them. A lot of water has passed under the bridge and, no thanks to those on both sides who wish to keep the fires of conflict burning, we are moving forward - albeit at a grinding pace. Has to be a good thing.


One small step by the Queen and Martin McGuinness; one great leap forward for the people of Northern Ireland. We all have to keep looking forward to a brighter future.

City Bloke

A bit disappointed they didn't do a high-five.


It's all part of the process of normalisation. We can all rake over the past, but it's the future where we are all going.


On the BBC he's reported as speaking to her in Irish and then translating it, "Goodbye and God's speed." You have to laugh.


A bright day for Northern Ireland. Courage showed on all sides after generations of conflict. A real moment of history for our children to enjoy. Well done all.

Co Down Comment

To some extent, everyone in Northern Ireland is guilty of a hand in the Troubles. Each community kept voting in politicians and relying on gunmen to keep them apart, rather than exploring ways in which to live together. My only wish is that the Martins and Peters of this world live long enough to cement this process. It's not about winning and losing - it's about living together and making a better future for all in our communities.

Bongo Bill

I have never been a huge fan of Martin McGuinness, but surely this can only be seen as a positive step for our wee country?

A Wilson

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