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A huge disservice to professional women

As a young female professional with a self-confessed devotion to clothes, fashion and make-up, I read Lindy McDowell's article (News, January 17) with such disappointment, anger and resignation.

Having fought my way up the corporate ladder for the past decade and having finally achieved my career goals and dream job in Europe, it had never occurred to me that this had a direct correlation to my chosen colour palette at each juncture.

Am I now to question whether or not I would have climbed the ladder faster had I worn pink over black, a pencil skirt over A-line, or boots over pumps? Why wasn't I told sooner that the path to success lies firmly in going to my office in warpaint reminiscent of a contestant on The Voice?

As a strong female professional, forgive me for thinking my colleagues look past my blonde hair and respect me for my qualifications, experience and undeniable ability to do my job.

By writing this article, Ms McDowell has done professional women a huge disservice.

An overly made-up face, a tight-fitting dress, or a vibrant (brassy) blouse are no substitute for brains, ability and professional poise.

At the end of a long and challenging working week, I only wish it were that simple.


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