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A matter of account

I am quoting directly from Brendan Cassidy's letter (Write Back, December 11):

'In reality, the UK's net contribution to the EU, at €46.5 per person, is far less than Northern Ireland's net receipt of EU funds at €230 per person.'

Mr Cassidy should get his maths correct.

Using his figures:

€46.5 x 60 million people = €2.79bn

€230 x 1.75 million people = €402.5m.

This is considerably less than the UK Exchequer pays to the EU.

The UK pays more to the EU than it receives and has always done so.

Perhaps Northern Ireland should build 0.5 miles of motorway/rail bridge to Scotland to connect it with the rest of the UK with this '£0.25bn jackpot' that they receive each year.

It would only take about 100 years to complete it (without factoring in inflation)!

Truthful Economy , London

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