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A migraine is more than just a headache


Many of your readers will be aware of new research into the public perception of migraines.

The first joint research for our charities - The Migraine Trust, Migraine Action and the National Migraine Centre - signalled major worries over a lack of support.

Almost two-thirds (64%) of people quizzed believed employers don't understand very much, or at all, about the nature of migraines. Many sufferers have complained about inadequate backing from bosses, with earlier research showing that almost one in five sufferers had lost a job through the condition.

One in five even think health professionals do not realise the characteristics and impact of the condition on their patients, according to the YouGov poll.

As a result of this research, our organisations saw an unprecedented number of inquiries from those affected by migraine on issues close to their hearts, from managing distressing symptoms and effective diagnosis to overcoming the stigma of migraine

We are deeply concerned about the lack of public awareness of the disabling nature of migraine and the need for this complex condition to be taken seriously.

We will continue to campaign for better understanding and support for a condition which, sadly, millions of people know first-hand is much more than just a headache.

SIMON EVANS, Migraine Action,

ARLENE WILKIE, The Migraine Trust and

DAVID BLOOMFIELD, National Migraine Centre

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